Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today I got up early in the morning and nearly freezed my frilly little butt off! It was soooo cold in my house since the window had been open and the winds had been so strong that night. It was not a very nice way to wake up... But I still needed to get out of bed since my mother and I were flying down to Stockholm later in the morning. The big annual Lolita Meet is this weekend and there was also a bit of a VIP opening of Sweden's first Lolita Store for everybody that had announced they were coming to the meet.

Anyway, since the meet is tomorrow I took the time today to do some shopping. I needed hairspray and makeup and other silly things like that...

Ting was nice enough to accompany me and after we were done shopping we went to a nice café to relax a bit.

I had yummy tea with orange!

And Ting had a cup of hot chocolate.

Dress, Socks: Alice and the Pirates
Bonnet, Bolero: Innocent World
Everything else: Offbrand

Later that evening I met up with Victoria and we went together to the Opening of Tokyo Stop Magnhild - Sweden's first Lolita Shop.

And now I'm off to bed~ I have to get up early tomorrow to get ready for the Picnic!

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