Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day Three - Photoshoot and Catacombes

More pictures from Paris, yay!

Here we have Tea looking her usual gorgeous self~ She was going to spend the day being photographed in yummy latex while the rest of us took a trip to the notorious Catacombes and said hello to all the dead peeps!

The sun was shining rather brightly on our little balcony that day as you might have noticed.

Without glasses? :O Oh noes!

Anyway~ After random posing on the balcony we parted ways with Tea and went off to get ourselves some lunch.

Om nom nom nom...... nom nom nom....

Then it was time for dun dun dun duuuun.... the Catacombes! We stood in line for quite some time but at least we got inside before they closed.

The slightly creepy well that was all blue, foggy and glowing...


Dead folk!

This one had a rather... obvious hole in his head....

A spine lying around on top of everything else.

Ah, this was our favorite!

And yes, we are, apparently, macabre enough to pose with human remains.

Right by the exit~ My two partners in crime for the day. 
Oh, a little note... if you're going to the catacombes you should always wear Lolita clothing. The guard by the exit recognized my clothes and allowed me to pass without checking my bag for any... stolen bones, I guess. He still checked My's and Varga's bags though. I offered to open my bag so he could see, but then I got a reply along the lines of "No, no! Not the Lolita's bag! You can go~" 

Back to the hotel we went and Varga had gotten a hold of some Green Tea drink... with pant from sweden... O.o

On our way back to the Subway from the Catacombes we stopped by in a very small shop that had really gorgeous silver rings. This one was bought by My. I also bought one but it will come in a picture at some later time. 

My with her fan Dagny(?) 

My socks!

And that is all for today~ Now I have to run off to my hat making course!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Paris Day Two - Picture Spam

God, better late than never, huh? I've been trying to crop and semi edit all the pictures from Paris today and here are some of the ones we took on Day Two. 

Paris Subway is serious business~

We went shopping! Although I did all of the spending heh heh...

Monster eyes! 


Coming back down from Angelic Pretty~

Staaarbucks! Just to make Isaya jealous :P

Then we went to have lunch!

Gigantic Croque Monsieur of doom!

And pizzas of a million cheeses!

On a bridge with Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower in the far distance.

Some really awesome tiles we saw in a shop window.

And an equally awesome chair~

We also found a taxidermy shop!

Not to mention the most delicious icecream I have ever eaten!

Om nom nom!

Tea bought a little something at a Japanese shop and got the prettiest wrapping.

Getting more water outside of Notre Dame. The rest of us sat here and waited for My while she ran into the cathedral and took a million pictures. (Pictures that I really can't be bothered to upload here~)

Like I said... Vacationing is serious business!

The scary elevator with no buttons!

When we got back to the hotel the soapbubbles came out!

And that is all from Day Two!