Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alms, alms for a poor Loli~

I am running out of money... The last few weeks have been both enjoyable and not, but money has been spent either way and only today did I realize that I have spent around two thousand crowns (Yes, I refuse to write kronor, it sounds ridiculous.) on things like food, cakes and drinks. I can not go on like this, especially since I am not sure if I still get CSN every month... My school might have made sure that I will not get it and if that is the case I will be in big trububble! :(

I know that a lot of you think of me as spoiled... and that might be true in some aspects, but the thought of asking my parents whenever I want to out for lunch is not really very appealing. I do not wish to have them pay for everything I do. ...At least as long as it concerns the small things. Clothing they are more than welcome to buy for me :D

Luckily, I was treated to lunch today~ it was nice. I got to spend some time with someone I have not seen in a long time and Yuki finally got some alone time with ChangMin. They got all cozy together in Sten Sture when us humans ate our lunch. They can be really cute sometimes.
Unfortunately, Yuki does not kiss and tell so I have nothing more interesting to say.

Outside of grandma's shop~

In Kungsträdgården~

Cherry trees~

In Kungsträdgården~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A week of memories - and Muffins!

The EA concert on monday was even more wonderful than I could ever have imagined. Originally I had intended to skip it since my cold was really bad at that point but, after some careful consideration, I finally decided to put on my corset and bloomers and bustle skirt, curl my hair, top it off with a hat and get my ass down to Fryshuset. God, am I glad I did that. A spectacular stageshow, involving the rat game, and a lovely all-girl band made it worth the extreme headache I had the next day. And even though I actually had to go home and rest before the signing session it was still a night to remember.
Join the Bloomer Brigade now and become my fellow plaguerats! :D

Oh, and the Cherry trees have started to bloom now. :) Last week when they held the official celebration in Kungsträdgården the trees only held big buds, but now they are covered with the light pink blossoms. So, both yesterday and today, I went into town simply to enjoy the nice weather and the little petals flying through the air.


Calle and I~

It was yesterday that I first noticed that the Cherry trees were blooming and so I decided then to come back today and take some pictures of my new dress. I finished it a couple of weeks ago but had yet to get any good pictures of it. And what better background than sakura is there?


Later on I found some fun people and we eventually went to Sten Sture :)

Kyuu, Panda, Rufus, (Don't remember your name! :O)

Kyuu, Rufus, (? I'm sorry!), Emma, Gus, Me, Linda

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I want to build a timemachine and so that I can go back to the carefree days.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where did Easter go?

Hm... Last week and the beginning of this one, everyone got several days off work to celebrate easter. Normally I would have been looking forward to it, to the extra long weekend during which I would not have to go to school. But this year, since I am not in school at all and pretty much have every day off, I barely noticed as Easter came and went.
When I was much younger, my dad used to bring me outside to hide easter eggs. And before that we would have had decorated the naked trees outside of our house with colorful feathers. I used to look forward to this time of year. Especially if you consider the great amounts of candy I could stuff my mouth with.
It's a bit sad, but I do not do things like that anymore. Luckily, this easter I had a lot of other things to occupy myself with :)
Like going to the playground on Saturday with some friends:

Oh, and this was the morning after Lunacy. I have no idea where I got all that energy from XD

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Photoshoot~

The spring flowers are finally starting to bloom in the woods close to where I live. When I was a little girl, my dad would always take me on his bike and we would go and spend an entire day picking flowers. I really miss that. Not to mention it would make some great pictures if a Lolita was to go into the woods and do that. Naturally, it would require great weather... and I think I have the perfect dress for it too. Also, it would happen soon... Otherwise all the flowers would disappear.

Anyone feel like they want to go out and take pictures with me? :D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

In Yuki's Closet

These are the clothes that I made for Yuki during the past few days. Thanks to them he's getting more and more in character. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have missed the sun so much this winter and after a dreafully boring couple of months with mud instead of snow spring finally has arrived I am able to enjoy the warm weather to the fullest.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is in the air

My mood swings are starting to confuse even me. Two days ago I felt like I just wanted to crawl under my bed and stay there for the rest of my life but today I actually feel fine. It is odd how quickly I can go from depressed to happy, usually without anything in between. And it is even worse to know that it can reverse itself at any time. I do not know for how long I will stay happy or when my next breakdown will be... This has resulted in my blog being... schizophrenic at best. And this will probably continue for a while yet. Just so you know.

On to the more interesting bits of this post...

I recieved the first photo from the Gamla Stan photoshoot I did a couple of weeks ago. Dennis did a great job and I was suprised at how pretty the picture turned out. :) I can not wait to see the other photos.

The rest of the day yesterday was spent with Shui and I had a great time. There are not that many people that I can talk so freely to. And when I say freely I mean being able to talk about everything and nothing without anything that might be called inhibitions. It was nice.

So, moving on to today... I got another nice little package in the mail. Inside I found my new skirt from Innocent World :) The picture is quite bad, but it was all I could do since I am home alone. Still, the skirt is so pretty~

I really hope my life can continue on this track... I really like being happy.