Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alms, alms for a poor Loli~

I am running out of money... The last few weeks have been both enjoyable and not, but money has been spent either way and only today did I realize that I have spent around two thousand crowns (Yes, I refuse to write kronor, it sounds ridiculous.) on things like food, cakes and drinks. I can not go on like this, especially since I am not sure if I still get CSN every month... My school might have made sure that I will not get it and if that is the case I will be in big trububble! :(

I know that a lot of you think of me as spoiled... and that might be true in some aspects, but the thought of asking my parents whenever I want to out for lunch is not really very appealing. I do not wish to have them pay for everything I do. ...At least as long as it concerns the small things. Clothing they are more than welcome to buy for me :D

Luckily, I was treated to lunch today~ it was nice. I got to spend some time with someone I have not seen in a long time and Yuki finally got some alone time with ChangMin. They got all cozy together in Sten Sture when us humans ate our lunch. They can be really cute sometimes.
Unfortunately, Yuki does not kiss and tell so I have nothing more interesting to say.

Outside of grandma's shop~

In Kungsträdgården~

Cherry trees~

In Kungsträdgården~

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