Saturday, April 25, 2009

A week of memories - and Muffins!

The EA concert on monday was even more wonderful than I could ever have imagined. Originally I had intended to skip it since my cold was really bad at that point but, after some careful consideration, I finally decided to put on my corset and bloomers and bustle skirt, curl my hair, top it off with a hat and get my ass down to Fryshuset. God, am I glad I did that. A spectacular stageshow, involving the rat game, and a lovely all-girl band made it worth the extreme headache I had the next day. And even though I actually had to go home and rest before the signing session it was still a night to remember.
Join the Bloomer Brigade now and become my fellow plaguerats! :D

Oh, and the Cherry trees have started to bloom now. :) Last week when they held the official celebration in Kungsträdgården the trees only held big buds, but now they are covered with the light pink blossoms. So, both yesterday and today, I went into town simply to enjoy the nice weather and the little petals flying through the air.


Calle and I~

It was yesterday that I first noticed that the Cherry trees were blooming and so I decided then to come back today and take some pictures of my new dress. I finished it a couple of weeks ago but had yet to get any good pictures of it. And what better background than sakura is there?


Later on I found some fun people and we eventually went to Sten Sture :)

Kyuu, Panda, Rufus, (Don't remember your name! :O)

Kyuu, Rufus, (? I'm sorry!), Emma, Gus, Me, Linda

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Yuho said...

ENVIOUS! She looks so pretty in that pic (and you're equally cute yourself btw :3)

I hope she comes to Finland too some day, preferably to Oulu.