Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Musée Carnavalet

Four days I spent in Paris, an entire wonderful weekend. On Friday we arrived, and Saturday was spent shopping as I have written in a previous post. Now remains but the last two days, one out of which I will write about today: Sunday.

As I really could not afford to spend yet another day shopping, and since Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was closed, my father and I decided to use Sunday as a museum day. The museum we visited was Musée Carnavalet which focuses on the History of Paris and it was really nice, even though it was not much more than a bunch of staged rooms and portraits. The Garden was particularly fabulous. Here are some pictures that I took:

The reason for going to the museum was to try to complete an assignment I got from my History teacher where I was supposed to visit a museum and then, based on the information I gathered there, I was supposed to write about a Significant Historical Personality/ies. That did not go too well since I could not find much to go on at all, and the little information I found was in French. So, after a while, I gave up and decided to just enjoy the exhibition for what it was. And I must say, some of the rooms were quite a lot more remarkable than the ones I saw last summer at the Chateau de Versailles.

All in all, even though I could not complete my assignment, it was a good day. Escpecially since we encountered a very adorable asian Lolita on our way back to the hotel. She was very sweet and wanted to take a picture of me, just as I wished to have a picture of her. Eventually, after a lot of giggling, we both got our photos and parted ways. So yes, it was a very good day.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paris & Shopping

Well, we arrived at Orly airport (Am I the only one who finds that name funny?) around 9.30pm on Friday night and have now been here for two whole days. We're staying at the same hotel as we did during the summer and it's still very nice and comfortable, although the room we have isn't quite as nicely designed this time.

Saturday was entirely spent shopping. We got up fairly early in the morning, ate a nice french breakfast, and then made our way first to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and then the shop called Harajuku which is really close to our Hotel.

On the way to Baby, I saw a Moose on the street :O

He was cute :D

Anyway, well in Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's shop I tried on a lot of different dresses, skirts and blouses <3>.>

When I had made my father's wallet much lighter, we went to KFC to have lunch. I can't go to Paris without eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken, it's just not possible. XD It really is "Finger-licking good!"

When we were heading towards Harajuku after lunch, I saw this awsome grafitti on a house wall.

Unfortunetally, Harajuku hadn't really gotten anything new and interesting since I was here in Paris during the summer, so I didn't buy anything there. I did try on a FanplusFriend Coat though, and now I know exactly what to order from the F+F website when I get home :D

That's all for today, folks. I'll probably update again tomorrow, but until then,

Au revoir :D

Friday, October 24, 2008

France, here I come!

My plane leaves at 6pm tonight and a few hours later I will be back in Paris! I've saved up my money the last couple of months, so I probably won't do much other than shopping XD I can't wait!

I'm so gonna eat more delicious Chocolate cake when I'm there :P
But right now I have to pack, so see ya ^_^

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Confusion

Well, here's the deal... Halloween is approaching fast and I have still no idea what to dress up as... or to what party to go to for that matter and that kind of poses a problem.
So far I know of three parties I could go to, none of which I want to go to alone.

The first one is at Club Shibuya and is a classical Halloween party with prizes for the best costumes and so on. Shibuya is also known for having Parapara and things like that which I like, but it is, unfortunetly, run by Mika (NewNippon) and his crew which immediately puts the party low on my list.

The second one is much like the first and it's at Shibuya's rivaling club, Lunacy. Whenever I've gone to Lunacy before, I've been bored almost to death. There has been nothing fun to do there at all. But now the club has changed owners, and is run by my friend Simon and his girlfriend, so it's bound to be more fun this time. I also know some people who are going to this party.

The third option I have is to go to my friend's party. This, is actually the most appealing so far, since Gus and his friends are all really nice and easy to talk to, but I'm still a bit hesitant since I have no idea who else is going. Also, I'm not sure if I'd be able to bring a friend to the party.

It's really hard to decide... and lately I've been in a strange mood, so if I still feel like that on Halloween, I might just stay home completely.
Moving on...
I can't go to any Halloween party without a costume. Well, technically I can, but I don't want to. So, obviously, I have to figure out what to wear. Right now, I have two ideas.

Either I go as a Pirate/steampunk girl lolistyle (depending on what outfit I can put together)

Or, I go as a female version of the Mad Hatter. (Got to love him<3)

I really don't want to spend a lot of time on my costume this year, but it should be something out of the ordinary. Help me decide?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crime Medicine

I saw this commercial yesterday and was totally baffled. (The videos are in Swedish, sorry)

I mean, they couldn't possibly be serious. Here they were using some middle-aged woman with waay too much makeup to advertise drugs that you can buy over the internet and that then are shipped to your home adress "discreetly". Not even Swedish people are that stupid.

Then, I went to their website and instead of the website I was expecting, I was met by some odd video about all the illegitimate drugs that are sold to Swedes on the internet:

It would appear that Swedish people really Aren't that stupid. Actually, they were pretty smart to make such a provocative commercial.

Monday, October 20, 2008

IEG - Dunderhead school of DOOM!

It was my first day at my new school today....

It's bad... It's really bad. My class' intelligence level was so low, and the corridors so loud that I actually wished I could go back to IB...

I told you it was bad...

Someone kill me please?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bloody Sunday Shopping

Today has been a good day, which is quite suprising. I had thought that I would be nervous as hell since it's the last day before I start a new school, but I wasn't. It's odd, I'm always nervous before things like that... Maybe the anxiety will come tomorrow instead. Or maybe it won't come at all? That would be nice O_o

Oh well, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that I got to spend the day with Calle. It was our last chance to hang out since he's going back to Umeå tomorrow to continue studying (he only had about a week off from the University) and we used the time to have lunch together and go shopping. I was in desperate need a winter hat so the first thing we did was to go look for one. I think I drove Calle slightly insane as I spent quite a while trying on different hats in front of the mirror at H&M. ^_^;; He didn't complain, but he yawned and rolled his eyes quite often. Eventually, though, I found one that I liked: a white knitted hat with a big pompom on top!

I also bought a black Beret just because I've always wanted one :D

The rest of the day was spent eating thaifood and browsing the shelves of a store called Duka, looking for some kitchen supplies that Calle needed for his dorm room.

Oh, and my mom helped me dye my hair again in the evening. It turned out more red than ever and for a while it looked like someone had committed suicide in my bathtub. "Yay!" for blood red hair dye! XD

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brand New Blogg!

To tell the truth I'm not used to blogging... Actually, I'm not used to doing anything on a frequent basis at all and this would be my very first blog. So, naturally, I'm still figuring out how everything works and so on. Do not worry though, I usually have enough going on in my life to make it interesting, so I should have plenty to write about here... As long as I remember to update. :)

Frankly, I do not care much about who reads whatever gibberish I will write here. And do believe me when I say gibberish; nothing I write will make much sense. However, I will be grateful for every comment I can get, as long as they are longer than two words.

Anyway, all that I write will be directly connected to my life and I hope that those who take the time to read my posts will enjoy them for what they are.

Bye for now ^_^