Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Musée Carnavalet

Four days I spent in Paris, an entire wonderful weekend. On Friday we arrived, and Saturday was spent shopping as I have written in a previous post. Now remains but the last two days, one out of which I will write about today: Sunday.

As I really could not afford to spend yet another day shopping, and since Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was closed, my father and I decided to use Sunday as a museum day. The museum we visited was Musée Carnavalet which focuses on the History of Paris and it was really nice, even though it was not much more than a bunch of staged rooms and portraits. The Garden was particularly fabulous. Here are some pictures that I took:

The reason for going to the museum was to try to complete an assignment I got from my History teacher where I was supposed to visit a museum and then, based on the information I gathered there, I was supposed to write about a Significant Historical Personality/ies. That did not go too well since I could not find much to go on at all, and the little information I found was in French. So, after a while, I gave up and decided to just enjoy the exhibition for what it was. And I must say, some of the rooms were quite a lot more remarkable than the ones I saw last summer at the Chateau de Versailles.

All in all, even though I could not complete my assignment, it was a good day. Escpecially since we encountered a very adorable asian Lolita on our way back to the hotel. She was very sweet and wanted to take a picture of me, just as I wished to have a picture of her. Eventually, after a lot of giggling, we both got our photos and parted ways. So yes, it was a very good day.

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