Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bloody Sunday Shopping

Today has been a good day, which is quite suprising. I had thought that I would be nervous as hell since it's the last day before I start a new school, but I wasn't. It's odd, I'm always nervous before things like that... Maybe the anxiety will come tomorrow instead. Or maybe it won't come at all? That would be nice O_o

Oh well, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that I got to spend the day with Calle. It was our last chance to hang out since he's going back to Umeå tomorrow to continue studying (he only had about a week off from the University) and we used the time to have lunch together and go shopping. I was in desperate need a winter hat so the first thing we did was to go look for one. I think I drove Calle slightly insane as I spent quite a while trying on different hats in front of the mirror at H&M. ^_^;; He didn't complain, but he yawned and rolled his eyes quite often. Eventually, though, I found one that I liked: a white knitted hat with a big pompom on top!

I also bought a black Beret just because I've always wanted one :D

The rest of the day was spent eating thaifood and browsing the shelves of a store called Duka, looking for some kitchen supplies that Calle needed for his dorm room.

Oh, and my mom helped me dye my hair again in the evening. It turned out more red than ever and for a while it looked like someone had committed suicide in my bathtub. "Yay!" for blood red hair dye! XD

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Calle said...

It wasn't that bad looking at winter hats :) I hope your new school will be fun and that the people will be nice to you ^.^