Friday, October 24, 2008

France, here I come!

My plane leaves at 6pm tonight and a few hours later I will be back in Paris! I've saved up my money the last couple of months, so I probably won't do much other than shopping XD I can't wait!

I'm so gonna eat more delicious Chocolate cake when I'm there :P
But right now I have to pack, so see ya ^_^


bachelor no. 1 said...

Have fun in Paris! I'll make cookies for you when you come back, and you can tell me about Paris, and whine about your new school.

P.S: More bastardly shit about the Old Republic MMORPG:

Mind you, choosing Sith means something in this galaxy. The timeline is set only 300 years after the events in KOTOR, so it’s still very upsetting and somewhat “bad” to be a Sith. However, Old Republic is out to challenge what “Sith” means. The story goes that after KOTOR, two Jedi got exiled into deep space, ran into the Sith, shit hit the fan, and then they were sent back to the Republic as Sith emissaries. The Sith then kicked the shit out of the Republic, abruptly backed off and said “Give us these random worlds for no specific reason, and we’ll call it even.” And the Republic says “Deal,” so now we’ve got these two factions sitting uneasily in a divided galaxy.

Calle said...

Have fun dear :) I hope you'll find some suitable clothes for the winter ^.^