Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paris - Day Two

Today we went to Notre Dame, but left rather quickly because there were so many people there. There were like a hundred tourists standing in line to get into the cathedral so we decided to return another day.

After that we went and had some "Finger-licking good" lunch and then continued along the Seine to the Louvre. We didn't actually go into the museum, but we admired the beautiful architecture and then sat on a bench in the shade in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Dress: Alice and the Pirates
Socks and Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Offbrand

Parasol: Alice and the Pirates
Brooch: Vivienne Westwood
Everything else: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

After getting some much needed rest at the hotel, we went out again and met my friend Michael, whom I met at Japan Expo last year. Together we went to Boddywood and were met by extremely nice and polite store clerks, who also invited us to the Grand Opening of Angelic Pretty on saturday.

Silly Michael :)


And little ol' me.

Our very last stop of the day was Baby. We were already in the neighbourhood after all, so we figured we might as well go have a look. We bought a couple of small things, both there and at boddywood.... But I'll tell you about them some other time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Paris - Day One

We left home at 4.45am this morning after only about three hours of sleep and started our journey to Paris, my home away from home. I went from being extremely tired to being up and alert several times in the next few hours. It seemed like my body just couldn't make up it's mind.
Anyway, we got to CDG airport at about 9.30 and finally got to our hotel around noon.

We had originally decided to go up to our room and get some rest, but apparentally our room wasn't ready yet, and wouldn't be for another couple of hours. So instead, we did what girld do best: we went shopping!

Pictures of the things we bought might come later... I didn't feel like taking any today.

Oh and while we were at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright we got ourselves a couple of tickets for the Baby Tea Party on Saturday! It is going to be wondeful!

Skirt: Alice and the Pirates
Socks, Bag, Shoe clips: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Offbrand

Dress: Homemade, from the collections Chandelier Symphony
Bag: Metamorphose, Temps des Filles
Everything else: Offbrand

Saturday, June 26, 2010

To the Zoo!

I went to the biggest Zoo in Sweden today with my father and my friend Mia. The weather was lovely and we had a wonderful time.

More and more of these little things kept popping out of that hole and we were all really confused until we realized that they were running around the back to another entrance to the tunnel.

We then followed the paw prints...

To visit the Tigers!

Tiger babies had been born really recently at Kolmården but when we got there, we only saw the adult ones... I suppose the babies can't be outside all day at that age.

But the grown tigers were beautiful too.

We continued on to Marine World where we had lunch and then went to visit the Dolphins.

They had a bit of a show going with seals, pirates and penguins.
Yarr, me hearties!

Pirate laundry....

Talented mammals!

Veery talented...

One of the pirates had to walk the dreaded plank!

Onward to the monkey land!

Tiny furry things are always a big hit with me.

But the slightly bigger gorillas have their charm too.

And the chimpanzees of course.

Mommy and baby wilderbeest!

I felt a little sorry for the poor Snow Leopard that was trying to avoid the scorching sun.

Mia was looking classy as always!

My outfit today:

Skirt: Mary Magdalene
Socks & Shoes: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Offbrand

I was wearing a pair of high heeled shoes earlier that went better with the outfit, but my feet started hurting so I had to change into something more comfortable.

Just two days left now!

Friday, June 25, 2010


I celebrated Midsummer today, but thankfully without the Maypoles. Just a lot of wildflowers and strawberries.

It is a Swedish tradition to wear lots of flowers in your hair on this day.

I got a very delicious drink when I went up to visit my neighbour. Mixed-flavored juice with a big strawberry floating in it.

Anita and little Buddha-bellied Linus.

Linus can be a curious little cat when he wants to be. He absolutely loved all the flowers I brought.

I made a circlet of flowers for Anita as well.


Anita had these little birdies sitting on her balcony. They were so cute!

And a little frog prince!

My outfit of the day:

Dress: Victorian Maiden
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes and Jewelry: Offbrand

A walk through Stockholm

Last night I went out for a walk with my friend Ting. I find that the summer weather is much more bearable in the evening and therefore I prefer to be out at that time. We all know that I can not STAND the heat - it makes me feel quite sick, and so I am more comfortable in the cooler temperatures of a late night with a gentle breeze tugging at my hair.

Stockholm can be very pretty sometimes...

My new gloves! I absolutely love them!

Sometimes you can find odd people in Old Town. But that is part of why it's so charming.

Normally our Palace is quite drab and not very interesting at all, but when the sun is setting it turns into something quite spectacular.

None of these pictures are really good, I'm afraid, but... oh well.


Skirt, headbow and Socks: Innocent World.
Everything else: Offbrand.

I do not think I have worn an outfit that consists entirely of brand items in months! It is much more comfortable this way... Besides, I don't have any shortsleeved blouses from them.