Saturday, June 5, 2010

The International Lolita Day

I am not sure who came up with this, but I have known for some years now that us Lolitas have our own special day every year. At least that is what I had heard. Then, this year I found out that we not only have one day but two! The first one is on the first saturday in June and the second on the first saturday in December. Imagine that!

Anyway, despite sort of knowing of these days I have never actually celebrated any of them. Until today, that is.

So off I went to Skansen, although a bit later than the others... I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before so I was not feeling very good this morning.

I had to take the loooooong way to get to Skansen because of the Marathon going in the middle of Stockholm. It was hot and my feet hurt, but after a while I came across this adorable car that made it all worth while!

When I finally got to my destination I quickly found the other Lolis and we went to the big stage to watch a military marching band rehearsing for the Swedish National Day, which is tomorrow. They were all awefully cute, and seemed very embarrassed when we giggled at them.

As we continued to move through Skansen we encountered several cute little furry things.

And although these baby geese don't have fur, they're still very cute.

The entire group!

We walked into an old School House and had a lesson with a very pretty teacher.

Smile, Class!

I was exploring the School grounds. It was very pretty.

We sat in the garden outside of the School for a long time, but after a while we decided to keep moving. Some went home, unfortunately, but those who stayed got to pose with pretty men in Uniform! Yum!

They were all so nice!

We found some funny looking birds!

And a Merry-Go-Round!

And then the day came to an end. We sat by the Merry-Go-Round for a while, but eventually we all had to go home. At least we all had a good time!

So happy Loli-Day everybody!

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Hanna said...

Vad fina alla var ^^
Jättefina bilder :)