Friday, June 25, 2010

A walk through Stockholm

Last night I went out for a walk with my friend Ting. I find that the summer weather is much more bearable in the evening and therefore I prefer to be out at that time. We all know that I can not STAND the heat - it makes me feel quite sick, and so I am more comfortable in the cooler temperatures of a late night with a gentle breeze tugging at my hair.

Stockholm can be very pretty sometimes...

My new gloves! I absolutely love them!

Sometimes you can find odd people in Old Town. But that is part of why it's so charming.

Normally our Palace is quite drab and not very interesting at all, but when the sun is setting it turns into something quite spectacular.

None of these pictures are really good, I'm afraid, but... oh well.


Skirt, headbow and Socks: Innocent World.
Everything else: Offbrand.

I do not think I have worn an outfit that consists entirely of brand items in months! It is much more comfortable this way... Besides, I don't have any shortsleeved blouses from them.

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