Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hat Project Sneakpeek~

As you already know, I will be showing some of my hats at the teaparty at Viola Lahger in Stockholm at the end of August. However, as of this moment, all the hats I have at home are my own personal ones and I do not really want to part with any of them. So, naturally, I have to start making new ones. Ergo my new Hat Project.

I will need hats of many different sizes and shapes, with different colors and decorations so that people can see exactly what I am capable of. I am really looking forward to this actually and I took a trip into town yesterday to buy supplies~

Now, the hats themselves are not finished yet, and won't be for another couple of weeks, but here are some previews of some of the color-schemes I will use ^^

This first one will have a sort of muted blue-green color as a base and will be decorated with sort pink flowers, ivy leaves, pearls and a creamy golden trim.

While I was thinking of what sort of hats I wanted to make I sort of toyed with the idea for making one for every season. This particular one is Autumn.
I am absolutely in love with that checkered brown fabric by the way~

This next one is a mix of pink, baby blue and creme and I picked it especially to go with my dear friend Tea's corset. It was a bit hard considering she is still down in Stockholm and I am up here in Umeå, but I think I managed fairly well. And if it turns out just the way I hope she might be wearing it at the teaparty.

This is the last one for now. It was originally meant to be Winter in my Season series but it may also serve as a hat for a Wedding. It consists of a mix of different white flowers and dark green leaves and I will most likely add a sort of veil made out of soft white tulle. I particularly love the Lily of the Valley flowers~

More pictures may come at a later date~
Oh, and if you are curious to see any particular sort of hat feel free to leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Victorian Teaparty Preparations

Picture taken by Maria (
It was probably the best photo that was taken of my hair and the hat I made to go along with my new dress. By the by, peacock feathers are lovely!

Now onto more important news....
The date has been set for the Victorian Teaparty at the Viola Lahger Boutique in Stockholm and preparations are on their way. I will be showing some of my handmade hats there, along with all the gorgeous Viola Lahger Corsets and Jewelry from Eleonoras.

Time: August 29th, 4-8pm.
Place: Viola Lahger, Stockholm
Dresscode: Victorian~ in other words dresses and skirts and hats and corsets and gloves and corsages. Or possibly tophats and spats, if that is what you fancy. No Jeans allowed.

If you are interested, please go to Tea's blog for more information:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lolita Picnic at Drottningholm

Today was the annual Lolita Picnic and this year we all went to Drottningholm's Castle and spent the day in the gardens. It was really nice although the weather was a bit gloomy and my corset prevented me from sitting comfortably on the picnic blanket.

I wore my new Classic Aristocrat Dress today :) And yes, I just made that particular style up. If there's Cothic Aristocrat why shouldn't there be Classic?

Outfit: All made by me~

I convinced Bella and Victoria to go get something to eat at the Café with me.

I am sooo pleased with how that hat turned out! It is so pretty!


Today I got up early in the morning and nearly freezed my frilly little butt off! It was soooo cold in my house since the window had been open and the winds had been so strong that night. It was not a very nice way to wake up... But I still needed to get out of bed since my mother and I were flying down to Stockholm later in the morning. The big annual Lolita Meet is this weekend and there was also a bit of a VIP opening of Sweden's first Lolita Store for everybody that had announced they were coming to the meet.

Anyway, since the meet is tomorrow I took the time today to do some shopping. I needed hairspray and makeup and other silly things like that...

Ting was nice enough to accompany me and after we were done shopping we went to a nice café to relax a bit.

I had yummy tea with orange!

And Ting had a cup of hot chocolate.

Dress, Socks: Alice and the Pirates
Bonnet, Bolero: Innocent World
Everything else: Offbrand

Later that evening I met up with Victoria and we went together to the Opening of Tokyo Stop Magnhild - Sweden's first Lolita Shop.

And now I'm off to bed~ I have to get up early tomorrow to get ready for the Picnic!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pandora's... Flower?

Lisa came to visit me yesterday and she stayed the night so that we could hang out. We spent the time listening to Voltaire, drinking tea and planning Dolls ^_^ Oh and I made a new turtleneck for Yuki. It's nice and pink!

Then we went out and took some pictures of our lovely dolls together in the rain.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Victorian Maiden has done it again~

Gorgeous vertical stripes - what more could a girl ask for?

Oh and that Mary Magdalene dress has been removed from the Reservation page... So I guess I won't get it this time either....

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Here are the pictures from yesterday's Dollmeet.
All 37 of them.