Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paris - Day Six

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Teaparty and Grand Opening of Angelic Pretty Paris

This entire day was lovely. There were a couple of small setbacks, like my shoes breaking, but all in all it was great! We went both to Angelic Pretty and the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright teaparty and then spent the night with two very nice French boys we met outside of Boddywood.

Anyway, we started the day with getting ready and then going to Boddywood and Angelic Pretty. There was a long line outside the store and they were only letting a few people into the new AP store at a time. We stood there for a while, but in the end we decided to just go have some lunch and then head straight to the Baby Teaparty. We could always come back to AP later in the day.

Unfortunately, we weren't too aware of the time so we ended up having to run to the metro in order to get to the teaparty in time. And that was when the strap of one of my expensive shoes broke... But there was no time to worry about things like that so we just kept running. In the end we managed to get to Hotel Scribe on time. Thank god!

The girl that works in the Baby store. She is so pretty, and she was wearing the new collection that had arrived only the night before.

Victoria was looking lovely in deep blue and Alice and the Pirates.

I always look so horrible in pictures that are taken with a flash, but this one was alright I guess...

We got to eat plenty of delicious cake and drink tea and juice.

There were so many Lolitas cramped in the same room!

Here's Yuki holding the gift I almost got. They later came and had to take it back to give it to someone with another kind of ticket. But that was alright. I was just happy to be there, and I got a much better gift later on.

Pretty Fanny. I absolutely adored her tattoos!

Somewhat failed outfit pictures at the teaparty...

We had some really wonderful live music!

This outfit was so wonderful. If it had been in any other color I might have attempted to steal it!

Wonderful French Lolis!

Oh, and Kanon from An Cafe was there too. All dressed in Alice and the Pirates clothing and handing out ads for a new cellphone game and little cellphone charms with Hello Kitty.

Yuki did not feel quite so out of place when wearing his nice clothes.

This girl was absolutely gorgeous! I love the red and white Coordination. Very classy.

I said earlier that I got a much better gift.... Well, all of the "special guests" at the Teaparty, for example Kanon and this man, got to pick a girl from the crowd that they wanted to give a gift. And when it was his turn, this perfectly dressed Gentleman went around the room looking for "Alice". When he finally stopped in front of me I was chocked. I couldn't believe that I was actually getting picked! So I asked him if it really was me he was pointing at and, sure enough, it was! Can you imagine that?!

Anyway, I stood up and, blushing like a fool, I followed him to the front of the room where I got a big Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bag. I probably could have fainted right then and then if it wasn'tfor all the sugar coursing through my veins. I was so happy! I had won not only a OnePiece, but also a blouse and a matching headdress!

Pictures of all the things I won will have to come later since I don't have access to them right now...

The same outfit that Kanon Wakeshima is wearing on her new album Lolitawork Libretto.

Dress, Socks: Alice and the Pirates
Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Everything Else: Offbrand

Dress, Headbow: Alice and the Pirates
Shoes, Socks, Blouse, Wristcuffs and Bag(not visible in the photo): Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Brooch: Vivienne Westwood

After the teaparty was over, we returned to AP where we got to wait for a long long time before we were let into the shop. But while we waited a couple of French guys came up and asked to be allowed to take our picture. They were both very nice, although only one of them spoke a little English.

After that we were finally admitted into the AP store and I can't say I was impressed. It was pink and cute and all, but it was really tiny and there was such a hassle to get in. I got to meet Maki and Asuka for the second time, but since I'm not really and Angelic Pretty fan I can't say it was worth the long wait.

At any rate, Victoria bought a couple of Wrist Cuffs and when we finally got back outside, the two french guys were waiting for us. I talked with them while Victoria was paying for her purchase and they invited us to go out for drinks. Coca Cola in this case, yum!

We also went to the fairground in Jardin des Tuileries and I finally got to ride the Ferris Wheel at night like I have always wanted!

To sum it all up: Great Day!


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