Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hat Project Sneakpeek~

As you already know, I will be showing some of my hats at the teaparty at Viola Lahger in Stockholm at the end of August. However, as of this moment, all the hats I have at home are my own personal ones and I do not really want to part with any of them. So, naturally, I have to start making new ones. Ergo my new Hat Project.

I will need hats of many different sizes and shapes, with different colors and decorations so that people can see exactly what I am capable of. I am really looking forward to this actually and I took a trip into town yesterday to buy supplies~

Now, the hats themselves are not finished yet, and won't be for another couple of weeks, but here are some previews of some of the color-schemes I will use ^^

This first one will have a sort of muted blue-green color as a base and will be decorated with sort pink flowers, ivy leaves, pearls and a creamy golden trim.

While I was thinking of what sort of hats I wanted to make I sort of toyed with the idea for making one for every season. This particular one is Autumn.
I am absolutely in love with that checkered brown fabric by the way~

This next one is a mix of pink, baby blue and creme and I picked it especially to go with my dear friend Tea's corset. It was a bit hard considering she is still down in Stockholm and I am up here in Umeå, but I think I managed fairly well. And if it turns out just the way I hope she might be wearing it at the teaparty.

This is the last one for now. It was originally meant to be Winter in my Season series but it may also serve as a hat for a Wedding. It consists of a mix of different white flowers and dark green leaves and I will most likely add a sort of veil made out of soft white tulle. I particularly love the Lily of the Valley flowers~

More pictures may come at a later date~
Oh, and if you are curious to see any particular sort of hat feel free to leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

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Rosalynn said...

Wow, they all seem very promising! I am really looking forward to the results!