Friday, July 16, 2010


I hate it when this happens... and it ALWAYS happens to me at the worst time possible... I was just looking at some different Lolita websites to see if there were any new prints released and things like that and I eventually ended up on Mary Magdalene's webpage... And there it was... My dream dress.

I think this is the third time I have watched them release it... And I have never been able to afford it.

It is just so perfect in every way... Wonderful A-line One Piece with a distinct Victorian Design... It is avaliable in Dark Purple, Dark Blue, Black, Light Olive Green and a sort of Antique Pink.

I would definitely want it in Purple... I have always been talking about getting something purple to clash with my red hair anyway and this MM OP would be the perfect choice...

And the worst thing about it is.... If I hadn't made that order from Innocent World when I came home from Paris.. well... I would have been able to afford it.

Why is the world so cruel? ;__;

I know this sound horrible of me... to complain about something so trivial when there are children starving to death in Africa and whatnot. But guh... I really wanted this dress!

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Natalie K said...

Creepy thing... The 'wholesale lolita' website called Milanoo is apparently selling this dress for $67.99. I bet when you order they try to copy it with cheap materials. They literally took this photo, photoshopped it black, and changed the background. Beware!