Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lolita Picnic at Drottningholm

Today was the annual Lolita Picnic and this year we all went to Drottningholm's Castle and spent the day in the gardens. It was really nice although the weather was a bit gloomy and my corset prevented me from sitting comfortably on the picnic blanket.

I wore my new Classic Aristocrat Dress today :) And yes, I just made that particular style up. If there's Cothic Aristocrat why shouldn't there be Classic?

Outfit: All made by me~

I convinced Bella and Victoria to go get something to eat at the Café with me.

I am sooo pleased with how that hat turned out! It is so pretty!


Natalie K said...

I am obsessed with the dress. It's incredibly beautiful. How much did it cost to make?

Luciérnaga said...

Oh My, I just saw your dress and I'm almost crying, how beautiful!!