Thursday, July 12, 2012


Be ready for a big picture dump from Paris! 

I'm feeling a little lazy right now though, so I probably won't bother with writing a whole lot about each pic. 

Day 1, Jardin du Luxembourg

The most amazing umbrella and parasol shop I've ever been in!

The views from our hotelroom window.


I'd like for this bookstore to be my home. Now, please. 

Day 2, Japan Expo!

I squeal at anything Skyrim related so yeah...

Amazing Human Priest. I love that set! 

I'm also a Star Wars geek, in case you didn't already know.... :3

Day 3, Shopping!

Lunchin' with Lovisa and Erland. 

Wearing my new handmade dress and the shoes I bought at Japan Expo. I didn't buy all that much on our shopping day. I couldn't find anything I liked and then decided to save my money for the Lolita Convention.

Day 4, Japan Expo again!

I decided to try to take some more pictures this time around.

There were quite a lot of amazing Steampunk things avaliable.

Lovisa in her new dress and blouse eyeing the pretty leather and brass things!

This booth was very cute and they had some really nice blazer/jackets.

The lovely, talented and very friendly designer from Spaceship Lolita!

Beautiful art!

This girl was absolutely lovely and very nice too. :) I especially love her bonnet.

More amazing Steampunk themed things... :3

Getting a good picture of this section was really hard but it was so amazing. Leather armor everywhere! The fantasy geek in me was having a field day.

Like I said... Star Wars geek...

I bought art from this lovely lady last year. She's so incredibly talented!

I really wanted that mad hatter banner-thing in the background but I settled for buying just a poster instead. Absolutely amazing art and very, very nice and friendly artists!

It was sunny and windy, hence my almost grumpy expression. X3

Day 5, The Lolita Convention!

Pretty Lovisa wearing a hat I made for her. 

My outfit for the day. :3

These people were absolutely lovely but I didn't catch any of their names, sadly.... Also, for some reason my blog and computer refuses to let me turn that picture upright...

By the time I left the Convention I had bought a second hand Innocent World dress, a brand new Victorian Maiden blouse and a bordeaux colored parasol from Metamorphose. :3 I'd say it was a success!

Aaand last but not least a quick shot of my outfit before I got in the car and went all the way up to Umeå in northern Sweden. Featuring my new dress and shoes! 

And no makeup! Gasp!