Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bah Humbug!

Yeah so Christmas.... I don't even want to go there. I just... No. I got some nice gifts, sure, but that still doesn't come close to making up for everything else.

So yeah... have some Paris pictures instead.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Preparations for the Christmas Ball

So yes, tomorrow night is my brother's Christmas Ball. Originally I had intended to sew a brand new ballgown in dark blue velvet with faux fur trim and so on... but time, as well as a lot of other things, has been against me. So I just haven't had the opportunity to sew anything myself.

BUT. My mother is wonderful and totally saved me by saying she'd let me rent a gown from Karl Gerhards ateljé.   

And this is the dress I chose :3 better pics will come after the ball, I think, but this is all you get for now. Silverygrey/Dark red. I loooove it! I especially love the buttons. 

There were two other dresses that fit me better size wise (It's a pain being tiny >.>..) but this was just so much prettier.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mhmmmmm Paris

Right, so day two in Paris!

It is nice, as always. But I am exhaaaausted >.< I slept most of the day yesterday because I hadn't gotten a wink of sleep the night before. Then I slept all night last night and had a nap today. And still I am tired. Well fuuu on you too, body!

Either way... I have pictures to upload... but no good image editing programme on this computer so I can't shrink the pictures. Which means it'll take hooours for me to upload all of them. So yeah, you all have to wait until I get home instead. *nods*

I do, however, have ONE picture I just haaave to show you~

The Innocent Smoothie - Winter Edition!
Isn't it cute? :3

Anyway, I'll write more another day. And upload all the pics when I get home! So bye for now ~


Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.... I'm in Paris! And I'll be here until Wednesday. So yay for that!

Lately thigns haven't been... so good for me. But! I'm staying positive. At least I am now. This city has that effect on me. Also getting pretty art and having the best guild in the world helps. A lot.

Anyway I need to go soon. But I'll update with more from Paris later~

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just a random thought...

I realized a couple of days ago that I don't actually remember the last time I went outside the house. Which is bad. It is possible that the last time was on 31st of October... Which is worse. I don't even know what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. 
Oh wait, yes I do. Roleplaying with my Guild in WoW and playing Skyrim. *Nods* It's good stuff. 

Still... I probably should have gone out at some point. But I just never felt like it. And now after yesterday and urgh I definitely don't feel like it. So I shall just hide inside with my games for a bit longer. 

Buuut, until I can get out and actually do something productive for once... Here's a pic from one of my most recent excursions to the world outside my room. 

Photographer: Josefine Jönsson - josefinejonsson.com
Model & Styling: Me!
Makeup and Hair: Katrin Unge
Oh and...
Hat: Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium! (In other words... Me as well!)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sometimes I amaze myself.

Sometime I really, truly amaze myself with how badly I can manage to screw things up.

I woke up at around 11.15 today. I had been having a nightmare and it was my father's voice that finally woke me. He was wondering if I shouldn't get up already if I was going to the 5th anniversary of the Swedish Lolita Forum, Gothloli.se. A celebration that started with a museum visit at noon. I almost panicked right there and then but I managed to convince myself to calm down and that I could get ready and still make it for the Afternoon Tea at 3pm. I had over three hours so really it shouldn't be a problem. I could take my time, calm down and get presentable.

Then at around 12.00 I got a text message from my hat making instructor saying that they missed me at the fascinator course. That started at 10 this morning...

I had completely forgotten about it.

Cue panic, anxiety - you name it. The anniversary celebration, although fun, only cost me about 100 SEK so it wasn't that horrible a thing to miss. The hat course on the other hand... my father payed a lot of money for it and I have now completely screwed it up. It's only two days and missing one would mean that... There's barely any point in going at all tomorrow. Though I probably will anyway. For my father's sake. But loosing out on half the course, probably including ALL of the basic knowledge... Fuck. How is it that I always manage to pull stunts like this?

I haven't felt so incredibly useless in a long time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Comfort Shopping

Right, sorry for being so absent lately. Things happen, stress occurs and uh yeah... after that exhaustion set in and kept me from doing just about everything. Also, Skyrim appeared in my mailbox so I suppose that might explain parts of it. 
Anyway, things were starting to look up and I was planning on writing a looong post about all the good stuff that has happened lately and upload pictures and stuff from Kultcon. Unfortunately, just when I was thinking of doing that (yesterday) things took a turn for the worst again. And by that I mean Worst with a capital W. Old stuff that I thought had been long since buried just resurfaced all of a sudden and yeah... it wasn't nice. So not nice, in fact, that I am seriously contemplating comfort shopping....
The only problem is that I don't have all my money in my bank account so I can't actually place the order until I make a trip down to the bank. ._. 
Also I can't decide what color I want......

Oh and when I have time I might write something nerdy about Skyrim and roleplaying in WoW... but not now.

Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween and stuff, I guess. Yeah. Not celebratin' it this year, but I still thought I ought to say something.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shoot me!

Right so today it was time for the photoshoot that Josefine and I had been planning. It involved a lot of pretty fall leaves and a brand new hat! But I'm not telling you any more than that~ The rest will be a surprise!

So I got up at hmm... 8-ish is morning and had my tea, got dressed and so on. Then I took the bus to lovely Katrin's apartment where she did my hair and makeup. She is awesome, by the by, so you should all check out her blog

My hair is standing straight up in that picture, even though it's hard to see. :3

Putting on the newly designed and finished hat.

And last, but not least... Me posing with Voldermort with wonderful photographer Josefine in the background. She is also insanely talented so you should all go like her on Facebook or watch her on DeviantArt

Once I was all styled and ready, Josefine and I made our way to Haga Parken where played around among the beautifully colored trees.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today just appears to be a generally bad day. Not that that is particularly surprising... I haven't had a lot of good days lately. But still, today had great potential to be wonderful. I have this awesome new haircut, I picked out a lovely outfit and I got to spend the day with Emma celebrating her birthday. However, despite all of those things I find myself just wanting to crawl back into bed and not come out until christmas. Or something.

Last night I stayed up rather late talking to one of my brother's friends who is currently staying with us. She's such a sweet girl but, even though I like talking to her, a lot of unpleasant topics came up and the whole conversation left me feeling... not so good. Then when I finally did go to bed I couldn't sleep and spent most of the night staring up at the ceiling.

So, needless to say I was extremely tired when I woke up. As well as feeling more than a little bit down because the conversation from yesterday still lingered in my mind. And it still does. But I still got myself out of bed, made tea and started getting ready to go out. From the moment I had gotten my haircut yesterday I had been longing to try to curl my hair and so I did that this morning. It was SO pretty. All fluffy and bouncy, just like I imagined it would be. Sadly, after only about thirty minutes outside my curls were drooping and looked about as depressed as I felt. Ugh.

Still, I went out and I met up with Emma. She looked lovely as always. Then we walked around in town searching for a café that wasn't packed with people... I think we must have been walking around for over an hour when we finally decided to give up. However, when we walked towards the subway we happened past a café that did, in fact, have empty seats! Tired as we both were, we decided to at least have some cake before going home. So we went inside, elbowed our way through a throng of people and snatched an empty table. Now, the café was rather nice, although crowded, and they had nice pastries but no matter how much I tried to enjoy myself I struggled. A lot. My eyelids drooped, I yawned a lot and my hairband was giving me an epic migraine. Thankfully, Emma seemed to understand, but it still felt so bad to sit there and feel horrible when we were supposed to be celebrating her birthday.

In the end we just ate our cake, sat there and halfheartedly tried to keep a conversation going. Then the cake ran out and there was really no reason to remain there anymore. So we went our separate ways and I went straight home.

Now I am sitting here by my computer with a killer headache, sipping lukewarm tea and feeling generally miserable. Later tonight I will have to go out to a restaurant with my parents and have a late birthday dinner for my mother. Normally I would love going out to dinner, but right now I am so tired I just want to stay home. Even the glorious food isn't enough to make me want to go out. I still have no appetite.

Right... enough ranting for today.

Happy Birthday, Emma. I'll treat you to dinner sometime when I have my appetite back to make up for all of this.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Haircut and a new Coat

So~ Earlier this week I got my order from Innocent World containing my new brown/creme coat and dark red socks! So when I went out with my Friend Emma I just has to put together an outfit with both things.

Both the coat and the socks are absolutely to die for. I love them to death.

Oh and I had been planning for a while to get my hair cut and today I finally had my appointment. Gone is the long, long hair that reached down to my hips~ I was both excited and nervous about the whole ordeal but in the end I was very pleased with the results.

As I promised some of my friends... Here are before and after shots:

Better pics of the new hairstyle will come later when it isn't so dark outside.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tea at Sturekatten

So yesterday I met up with my dear, dear friend Hillevi and we went to Sturekatten, a very sweet café near Stureplan in Stockholm. It's a bit hidden away but the interior is absolutely to die for. My father's grandmother and aunt used to come to this place during their visits in Stockholm when he was young and he aptly described it as the place where "Ladies in Hats" (Damer i Hatt) used to go for tea and coffee. 


My outfit for the day. Blurry picture is blurry.
Dress: Alice and the Pirates
Turtleneck: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Ergi
Necklace & Hairband: Innocent World
Fur Stole: Inherited 

Lovely Hillevi~
I love spending time with her. It's so relaxing and we talk about everything and nothing.

Nom nom Tea~

I wanted to show you some pictures of the interior of the Café but they all turned out too blurry... This was the only one that turned out alright. We sat right by the window and it was light and lovely.

Monday, October 10, 2011

On a brighter note~

Gloom and doom aside (It's easier to laugh at your own misery, trust me.), this next month will be filled with work and hats and work and more hats.

Yesterday I got the sweetest invitation to come sell my things at KultCon in Jönköping at the end of the month. Totally made my day, it did. So, after some discussion it was decided that on the 27th of October my mother and I will travel down to Jönköping and then spend the whole weekend there. I will be at the convention  Friday to Sunday and hopefully I will get a lot of things sold! But before then I need to work to make a lot more hats and accessories. *nods* Just have to find the inspiration now...

Also, on an equally hatty note, on the 24th I'll be going back to the studio where I took my hat-making course and I will join the workshop there. Any chance to keep working with different materials is a big plus to me! And that studio is really one of the nicest places I have ever worked in~

I will also try to finish all the orders I have at the moment. It might take a bit longer than usual, but I'll get to it, I promise!

Then, once all of this hatty madness is done with (Well, not completely done - it never is - but you get my point~) I will be looking forward to a wonderful long weekend in Paris at the beginning of November! If anything, a trip to that city will definitely make me feel better. I am so looking forward to it! :3

Last but not least...
I ordered a brand new winter coat from Innocent World last week, along with a pair of socks, and I can't wait for them to arrive! Of course, the coat was on reservation so I'll have to wait until the end of October for it to be released but I don't care~ It's to die for, it's so pretty!

Oh, and I might have gotten a tumblr. Whoops?

That's all for now~
Take care everyone!