Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Comfort Shopping

Right, sorry for being so absent lately. Things happen, stress occurs and uh yeah... after that exhaustion set in and kept me from doing just about everything. Also, Skyrim appeared in my mailbox so I suppose that might explain parts of it. 
Anyway, things were starting to look up and I was planning on writing a looong post about all the good stuff that has happened lately and upload pictures and stuff from Kultcon. Unfortunately, just when I was thinking of doing that (yesterday) things took a turn for the worst again. And by that I mean Worst with a capital W. Old stuff that I thought had been long since buried just resurfaced all of a sudden and yeah... it wasn't nice. So not nice, in fact, that I am seriously contemplating comfort shopping....
The only problem is that I don't have all my money in my bank account so I can't actually place the order until I make a trip down to the bank. ._. 
Also I can't decide what color I want......

Oh and when I have time I might write something nerdy about Skyrim and roleplaying in WoW... but not now.

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Micki said...

The blue one is gorgeous!