Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shoot me!

Right so today it was time for the photoshoot that Josefine and I had been planning. It involved a lot of pretty fall leaves and a brand new hat! But I'm not telling you any more than that~ The rest will be a surprise!

So I got up at hmm... 8-ish is morning and had my tea, got dressed and so on. Then I took the bus to lovely Katrin's apartment where she did my hair and makeup. She is awesome, by the by, so you should all check out her blog

My hair is standing straight up in that picture, even though it's hard to see. :3

Putting on the newly designed and finished hat.

And last, but not least... Me posing with Voldermort with wonderful photographer Josefine in the background. She is also insanely talented so you should all go like her on Facebook or watch her on DeviantArt

Once I was all styled and ready, Josefine and I made our way to Haga Parken where played around among the beautifully colored trees.

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