Thursday, June 17, 2010

Milkshake Day

I had an appointment with my headshrinker today. She asked me a bunch of questions to which I had no answers and then prescribed me some new sleeping pills. Wonderful.

Anyway, after leaving her dreary office I went to look for fabric for my new project. I found a lot of pretty things, like a teapot print for example, but not what I was looking for. Eventually I decided to settle with an offwhite and light green, striped thing... Hopefully it will look good in the end.

After the fabric shopping I met up with Ting and his friend, whose name I can not remember, and we went to a café where I had a milkshake. It was delicious, and it matched my dress to boot.

I left them after a while because I desperatly needed something to eat, but I ended up running into a whole pile of other lolis on the way. And, instead of going home for dinner, I went with them to Beyond Retro and later to another café where I finally got something to eat. I spent more money today than I probably should have... but oh well.

Today's outfit:
Dress: Metamorphose
Socks, Headdress, Parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Everything else: Offbrand.

It turned out to be a rather nice day, but now I am exhausted.

Good night! ^_Q

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