Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where did Easter go?

Hm... Last week and the beginning of this one, everyone got several days off work to celebrate easter. Normally I would have been looking forward to it, to the extra long weekend during which I would not have to go to school. But this year, since I am not in school at all and pretty much have every day off, I barely noticed as Easter came and went.
When I was much younger, my dad used to bring me outside to hide easter eggs. And before that we would have had decorated the naked trees outside of our house with colorful feathers. I used to look forward to this time of year. Especially if you consider the great amounts of candy I could stuff my mouth with.
It's a bit sad, but I do not do things like that anymore. Luckily, this easter I had a lot of other things to occupy myself with :)
Like going to the playground on Saturday with some friends:

Oh, and this was the morning after Lunacy. I have no idea where I got all that energy from XD

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