Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is in the air

My mood swings are starting to confuse even me. Two days ago I felt like I just wanted to crawl under my bed and stay there for the rest of my life but today I actually feel fine. It is odd how quickly I can go from depressed to happy, usually without anything in between. And it is even worse to know that it can reverse itself at any time. I do not know for how long I will stay happy or when my next breakdown will be... This has resulted in my blog being... schizophrenic at best. And this will probably continue for a while yet. Just so you know.

On to the more interesting bits of this post...

I recieved the first photo from the Gamla Stan photoshoot I did a couple of weeks ago. Dennis did a great job and I was suprised at how pretty the picture turned out. :) I can not wait to see the other photos.

The rest of the day yesterday was spent with Shui and I had a great time. There are not that many people that I can talk so freely to. And when I say freely I mean being able to talk about everything and nothing without anything that might be called inhibitions. It was nice.

So, moving on to today... I got another nice little package in the mail. Inside I found my new skirt from Innocent World :) The picture is quite bad, but it was all I could do since I am home alone. Still, the skirt is so pretty~

I really hope my life can continue on this track... I really like being happy.

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