Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paris Day Three~

Goodness I'm tired! Again!
All of this running around can't be good for my health! Or... was it the other way around? Oh, never mind!
Today I was going to meet some french Lolis and go to Princess Crepe! But I wasn't going to meet them until three o'clock so my dad and I spent the first part of the day just walking around and browsing different shops.
My friend Mia had told me about this incredible bookstore last spring/summer and this time I was finally able to find it!

Shakespeare and Company!
I wish all bookstore looked like this one!

Kaoru approved~ She's a real bookworm.
Oh how I wish I could have a photoshoot in there, both with my dolls and with people!

She just loooves being in Paris~
Then it was time to meet with Julie and... Roseline? God, I am sooo bad at names ;_;
Anyway, we met outside of my hotel and then we went straight to Princess Crepe!
Julie says: Om nom nom!

Making crepes~

Mine was filled with a piece of chocolate cake, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I think. It was good anyway!


Kaoru really liked it in there too!
I wish I could have taken better pictures of her though...

It was very PINK!



The menus~

From the outside~
After finishing our nommy crepes we walked back to Notre Dame. There was a very pretty Christmas tree right outside!

My outfit for the day~
Once again a crappy pic >.>...
The theme was Blue, Creme and Brown anyway~
And here are some pictures of Kaoru showing off all the things she bought~
None of my dolls drink, but I couldn't help myself when I saw these cute little magnets.

Kaoru got herself a new alarmclock too! Now she just needs a bed....

She got this little easel for Yuki~

I found myself a pair of nice black lace gloves!

And I got this little box and ring from Julie! Sooo nice!

New earmuffs! They go with my new brown bolero!

And then finally a picture of Kaoru with all of the new doll things~ She's hoping Yuki will be happy!

For Yuka~
And this is for... Secret! Uhm, yes. We talked about crazy over the top cellphone charms at one point and this just reminded me of that.

Tomorrow I'm going to a museum with my father! Although we haven't decided on which one yet... We'll see~
Until then!

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