Saturday, November 13, 2010


I went to see my friend Panda today. It was the first time we had seen eachother in months so it was really nice. I have missed him.

I briefly considered to disappear for a while again after some... things happened... but I decided to ignore that urge and try to get out and see as many people as possible instead. So uhm yeah... anyway~

I really love you Panda~ Thanks for always being there with me.

Oh and I made some clothes for Kaoru too~ But the person I really want to show them to isn't here so that sort of takes a bit of the joy out of it. Oh well. At least my little girl looks incredibly pretty in her new outfit.

That's all for now~


Caro-chan said...

You look adorable and so does your doll! Her outfit is just stunning, it has a very antique feel to it.

Rose bleue said...

The outfit is gorgeous and so are you.
People we love can not always be there, do not the fear bite you to dust.

It looks like you had a good day with your fantastic companion! Hold onto what you have, you never know when it all might break down once more.

Arathin said...

Pretty doll, it's nice to see out in the world again :) Fika snart, if you want to?