Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paris Day One and Two~

Hm... *yawn* I'm tired :3 It's my.... second day in Paris? Yes, that sounds about right. I tend to lose track of time when I'm here. Anyway, I've been here for two days. The first day was a very lazy day~ I spent most of it just walking around, eating good food and staring at the huge snowflakes that suddenly started falling! I have never seen snow in Paris before ^^;

I am quite amused by how people here react to snowfall. At home, people seem equally surprised every winter when it starts snowing and SL fails sooo badly at keeping the public transport system going. Here, however, they start counteracting the snow right away! Five minutes of snowfall and I was seeing shopkeepers covering the sidewalk outside of their shops with a thick layer of salt! Really.... do you seriously think that was neccessary? ^^;

Anyway... on to day two! The shopping day! My dad and I went on a nice little trip to Boddywood, Angelic Pretty, Baby and then to EuroModel~ The last one was for my dad, obviously. Although I do like pretty models too, I am horrible at controlling the ones that actually move.

I looked at a very pretty dress at Angelic Pretty. White with gold print... om nom. But I decided I needed some time to think about it. And then when we got to Baby, I ended up finding a dress I have been wanting for some time so I ended up getting that one instead. As well as some other things, of course.

Everything I got~

New offwhite socks~

New White socks~

Aaaand new black socks~
I needed new socks, so what?

A brown knit bolero~
I have been searching like a maniac for a brown sweater or bolero or something in Sweden and I have not been able to find a single one. Fortunately, Baby had several different brown things in stock so I got to pick and choose as I wished.

From the moment I first saw this dress I have been in love with it! It is just sooo pretty! Not to mention, it is much more my style than the other one I looked at from Angelic Pretty.

I got this one as a gift~ It's a hand puppet! Although I have no idea what I should do with it... Might end up selling it, to be honest.

Oh and I got the Winter collection catalogue thing too! Here are some of my favorite pictures from it~

I want that white coat!

Those brown shoes are so tempting....

And we all know I'm a sucker for pearl necklaces!

Pretty outfit pictures are hard to get when you're on a trip with your father... He just doesn't seem to get the idea of taking a picture just for the sake of showing what I'm wearing :3 Well, this was the best I could do anyway~

We went to look at all the pretty lights at Champs Elysées. I was a bit disappointed, to be honest. The christmas lights in Stockholm are a lot nicer~

They had some sort of Christmas fair going too~

Kaoru got to be in one of the pictures. She wanted proof that she had been in Paris~

And that is all for today~


Rosalynn said...

Aaaaah, I can't help but be SO JEALOUS of you! I want to go back to Paris... T_T
Your purchases are so lovely! And you were lucky to get an Usakumya Puppet: the first twenty customers who spent more than 250 euros received one! ^^
I just checked Baby Paris's blog and I saw the things you bought were sold (obviously, but I just love to see that ^^).
Hope you have more fun and I'm looking forward to your next posts!

emilie said...

It seems you had a really wonderful time there! ^^.
I'm looking forward to seee the new dress on!!! And the bolero was so cute ^^.
Hope we can go there together some time so I can forse you to be my guide XD

Ellioten said...

I love you'r dress ;) it's so pretty! ^w^ Hope you feel better when you get back and have fun ;D

Anonymous said...

aww everything is lovely!

if you decide to sell that puppet, my email is canihasit @ haha! XD