Monday, December 6, 2010

Steampunk Wishlist

Here's my Steampunk wishlist XD It's loong, and this is not even everything! This is just the stuff I want from Clockwork Couture ~

Victorian Boot Steampunk Christmas Holiday Stocking - Prefilled

Machinist Goggles

Lily's Victorian Walking Boots

Great Gears O'Plenty

Boots of Lady Hawkmoth

Viva La France

Steamloli Mary Janes

My Fair Lady Booties

Hat Pins

Passkey Bracelet

Embossed Faux Leather Unisex Dual Holster

Secrets of the Beekeeper

Of Plundering and Postering II

Chocolate Ruffle Spatterdashes
Of Plundering and Posturing

Bloomer Inspired Pantaloons

Neo-Victorian Romance

Of Sonnets and Sighs Poetess Blouse

Louisa May Ascott's Blouse of Thoughtful Prose

Step in Time Saloon Gal Shirt with Faux Leather Harness

Bewitched, Bothered & Beruffled

Edwardian Caplette

Binds That Tie Belt

Stole-n Glances

Hands of Time Underbust Corset

Clockwork Corset

Brown Paisley Banded Faux Wool Topper

Admiral to Admire II

Sassy Lass High Seas Jacket

Business is Business Calling Card Case

Dirigible Holiday Ornament
Who doesn't want an airship in their tree?

The Gilded Cage Key

Paint it White

Autumnal Flora Belt


Penny Farthing Charm Necklace

How to Abrooch a Subject
Mechtorians (Either one)
They are just so cute!


Varga said...


Georgia said...

I love steampunk! Your outfits are always so inspiring..
By the way, do you have a facebook account? My name is Georgia and I live in the U.S.; I was wondering if we could be like penpals or such.. Ive never had one and I find your lifestyle and fashion so fascinating I want to learn more about it. :)

Micki said...

Vill bara tipsa om att Viva La France finns att köpa i goth/hårdrock butiken Xplosion på andralånggatan i Göteborg. :D Jag har trånat efter dem skorna länge! ;)