Saturday, December 25, 2010

Current Favorites - Innocent World

To try to stay on a slightly happier note I started to look around at various Lolita brands to see if they had anything I liked. Innocent World has, for a while, not really produced anything to my liking but now it seems they are back on track and I found a whole bunch of things that I thought were quite pretty. So, now I'm going to share them with you~

They have several new High-waisted skirts that I like, but none of them really look good on their models. This one, however, I think can look good if you just coordinate it right.

This pale blue color is just lovely.

I am a complete sucker for longer dresses nowadays so I would definitely get this dress in the blue color shown above.

Simple and absolutely gorgeous!

I have always loved Innocent World's socks. They are just so pretty!

Black and gold is a winning combination in my mind.

Another long flowery dress. I sense a pattern forming...

Stripes, stripes and more stripes!

I have so many blouses and accessories and socks in just black and white, or any combination of the two, that I long to get some in different colors. Innocent World are especially good at Navy and Bordeaux.

Even more stripes! I love the old feel of these blouses.

*cough* Stripes, highwaist AND a pretty print? How am I supposed to say no?

This one has great Steampunk potential~

This one is just dreamy. And the bustle in the back is something that Innocent World used to have on a lot of skirts and dresses but then just seemed to abandon. Fortunately, it's back! At least on this one skirt.

IW's boleros and jackets are to die for.
Enough said.

This looks so lovely when worn with one of their bonnets.

A bow in one of my favorite colors and a cameo with little birdies. Just lovely.

I can never have enough of their bonnets!

Have you noticed that I am a sucker for the color red yet?

More socks~ Once again in keeping with other colors than just black and white.

I really want a white muff and I loved that they had used faux sheep's fur instead of the normal straight haired fur.

Mmmmmm.... Red~
I love pretty gloves!

A collar in the same kind of fur as the muff.

Cute little chiffon wristcuffs.

And lastly a little navy ribbon brooch. With the same kind of crown as my pearlnecklace!

I am thinking of doing one of these lists with some other brands as well. Like Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Alice and the Pirates and so on. We'll see if I have the energy though~


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