Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Floral Print Skirt

I absolutely love this skirt but I don't use it enough :( It it black with a wonderful rose print and it has a lot of wonderful lace and frills down the bottom. It also has a ribbon that can be tied at the back. Worn several times over the years since I bought it in Paris, but I can not find a single thing wrong with it. No stains, no tears, nothing.

Waist: 70cm
Length: 52cm
It has some shirring in the back but it doesn't stretch very far.

800SEK + Shipping


Red and Black Corset

Bought second hand from my friend Tea. Worn only a couple of times by me. It is a very pretty corset and I am sad to part with it.
Back: Link
Price: 500 SEK + shipping
Size: 22"


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Bustier

As good as new. Bought at Harajuku in Paris... two years ago, I think, and I have only worn it two or three times. Right now the ribbon that is supposed to lace up the back is missing, but I can replace it if you want me to.
Back: Link
Price: 700 SEK + Shipping
Max Bust: 85cm
Max Waist: 80cm


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