Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Polymer Clay Miniatures

A few weeks ago I decided to be a part of a Secret Santa Gift Swap-thing that was arranged by a Swedish BJD forum. I just love being able to send off little packages and then wait to get some in return so this time I decided it would be nice to allow Yuki and Kaoru to send and recieve gifts for Christmas.

Unfortunately, things did not quite go according to the plan and I began to run out of time. The reasons for this varied, so I'm not going to bother explaining them. Anyway, I had very little time left and, while one of the gifts was done and wrapped, the other I had not even started on. Honestly, I had absolutely no idea of what to make. In the end (read: Yesterday ^^; ), I ransacked my brain for anything, and everything that might be suitable to make for a doll. It had to be fast, I had to have all the materials ready and well... I was stressed out so I didn't want anything too difficult.

I entertained several ideas like sewing something simple, like a cape or a bag or... I don't know. Also I considered buying some dollsized pens and a book, but I felt kind of horrible for even considering that since my other gift was completely homemade.

One thing that really interests me, but I had never done it before, was to make little miniature foods of Fimo clay. I still had some clay laying around from when I was a lot younger and used to play with it so I pulled it out and started experimenting. To get inspiration I looked online and found several pictures that I just found soo awesome.

And that is the whole point of this post. XD I just wanted to share them with you~

This is one of my very favorite pictures~ All made by the talented ChocolateDecadence at DeviantArt

Then, as I continued to look around I found these lovely little Alice in Wonderland themed cakes!

These are made by Sarah Maloney and I found them Here.

And these are by Melanie Navarro and I found them Here.

And finally these, by Betsy Niederer, found Here.

Oh and I'm not telling you what I ended up making for the Secret Santa thing, or what medium I ended up using! You'll have to wait until after Christmas! Besides... I forgot to take pictures of the things anyway... -.-;

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Caro-chan said...

Those are all so cute! I really love clay minis like this, but I've found that I'm all thumbs whenever I try to make tiny cookies and cakes.