Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Truly a Weekend of Frills

This weekend has been more wonderful than I could ever describe. It started with a sleepover with one pf my very best friends, whom I later on dressed up as a girl. The next day the fun continued with a big Lolita picnic and a trip to Stockholm's biggest themepark, Gröna Lund where my sister and I ran around and rode the Merry-go-Round and many other things while the others took pictures, mingled and ate a lot of sweets. It rained a little during our picnic but fortunately the weather cleared up later in the evening. And as if that was not even enough, two of my friends stayed at my house that weekend and we had a very cozy movie night before going out on the town on sunday.

Also, as I do not belive I have mentioned this, a very nice girl, known as Treeworshipper on DeviantART, came to Sweden this weekend and we spent quite a lot of time together on both saturday and sunday. She and her friend even came with us to Hanna's abode to watch Nana on sunday night. Unfortunately, all good things must have an end and so we said goodbye to them on the way home and then I was forced to say even more goodbyes the next day since both Evelina and Cissi had to go home again.

Oh well, no need to dwell in the past. I had a wonderful time and I will leave it at that.

Photographs from Sunday~


My favorite dress~

She looks so good in brown~


Photographs from the Saturday Picnic are to follow.

My sister and I~

Gorgeous people~

Yarr! There be pirates!

So sweet~

So cute~
He makes such a good girl~
Little ol' me~

All of the photos are in a slightly tumbled order since Blogger does not like me. But please, bear with it. From now on Sunday comes before Saturday!

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