Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A day of Red White and Blue

These photographs were taken on May 17, 2009, when a friend and I participated in the parade going through Stockholm to celebrate the norwegian National Day.

This is for you, granma~

My Grandmother came to Sweden as a girl to work in the household of my Grandfather's family. She was but a simple Norwegian lass who eventually ended up marrying into the swedish family for which she worked. I am truly happy that she did. She was the most wonderful Grandmother you could ever wish for. Unfortunately, life did not treat her well. I have never met my Grandfather, as he died when I was very young, but I have heard stories of him and I am sorry for what he put her through. He was a cheap old bastard from what I can tell. However, despite of that, despite of all the hard work she was forced to endure without a single reward, my Grandmother still found the strength to smile and bake cookies when her grandchildren came to visit.
I know you did not even recognize me the last time we saw eachother, Mormor, but I love you nonetheless. And I miss you.


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