Friday, May 8, 2009

Singing in the Streets

The spring season has finally reached the forgotten little country called Sweden and we have been overcome by the will to dress up in our frilly dresses and go out on the town. As such, photographs are to become a common occurance here for the next few months and so I shall have to beg your indulgance. Hopefully you will not find it as boring as I might suspect.
On a lighter note... When these pictures were taken, yesterday to be exact, my friend and I ran into the most charming fellow. It was an Australian gentleman who sat by the gargoyle fountain on Stor Torget in Gamla Stan. He had a guitar in his lap and was playing and singing to a lot of known, and unknown, songs. He happened to be much more talented, and more handsome, than most street musicians we had ever seen so we spent quite a lot of time talking to him, not to mention singing along to his music.
Unfortunately, I have yet gotten my hands on a photograph of all of us together so that shall have to wait. But, considering the fact that he claimed to sit there and sing quite often, I have no doubt that we will see him again. I am looking forward to it.

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Unni said...

I must say I think you and Emi looks fabulous!