Friday, May 8, 2009

A question of Sweet versus Gothic~

Upon uploading a the pictures from my previous post, on a site whose name I shall not mention, I, or rather my friend who did the uploading, was met with a particularly odd comment. A girl whom I have never talked to, or even heard off before, claimed that I looked much too sweet to wear an outfit that was completely black. I, who have been fond of all things gothic for several years, was very surprised to hear such a thing and I found myself wondering if there was any truth in that statement. Am I really too sweet to wear gothic clothing? Or does dark colors suit me better? Or is it something in between that is the most appropriate for my pale complexion and red hair? Which Lolita genre suits me best: Sweet, Classic or Gothic?
Personally, vain and egocentric as I am, I believe that I have the ability to pull of all of the different categories. However, I would very much like to know the opinions of all of my little minions, and the rest of you who read my entries. Therefore, I shall ask you all to vote for whichever genre you think is the most appropriate for me in the poll to the right.
And for you who have a hard time distinguishing between the different genres I here have added three pictures that represent each and every one of them. Or at least they represent the way I look upon Sweet, Classic and Gothic Lolita.

Not very close to the extreme, but sweet enough for me.

Perhaps not as classic as I could be, but it it the closest I have gotten in a photograph.

As dark as I get.


Alice said...

Jag är en hemliga beundrare som gärna tittar in här och tittar längtasnfullt på dina vackra fotoshots. Du är liksom allt jag vill vara. Du är söt, har underbart hår och du bär upp precis allt med en sådan häpnansväcknde elegans att det helt tar luften ur mig. För att inte tala om att du inte heller verkar vara ytlig eller snobbig utan faktiskt verkar ha lite seriösa tankar bakom ditt perfekta porslinsansikte. Om jag var kille, skulle jag fria på fläcken :) Du behöver inte hålla dig till en enda genre bara för att en enda tjej tycker det. Jag tycker du bär upp alla stilar helt underbart.

Yuka said...

So hard to comment. I'd like to say more of the Classic one and only because I've seen you a lot in first and last choice ^-^ said...

What a nice way to describe gothic lolita. :)

Yuho said...

Oh how I'd love to say Gothic because that's my personal favourite genre :P
But honestly I think the sweet style fits you best, since you're naturally so sweet already ^^
Still don't ever stop trying out different things :3

Astrid said...

In my opinion, you're looking gorgeous in every one of them. You always look super sweet, but hey, who says that a gothic loli needs to look non-sweet?? XD
I srsly think you look adoreable in all of them <3