Thursday, June 4, 2009


A particular thread in the Swedish Gothic Lolita Forum has gotten me thinking. It was about whether or not one's personality dictated what the person wore on a daily basis. Personally, I believe it could have been the beginning of a very thoughtfull discussion, however, thanks to a few select indivuduals, whose names I shall not divulge, the whole debate took an entirely different turn from what I had expected.

Due to my own fatigue and unwillingness to repeat the entire discussion here, I shall simply tell you the conclusion I came to based on their rather... moronic ideas. As many of you know already I have a rather peculiar habit of adapting my way of acting in public depending on what clothing I am wearing. For example, when I wear something that leans more towards the sweet style I can be completely happy go lucky and bounce off the walls once I have ingested enough sugar. In contrast, when I wear a more aristocratic outfit I adopt a more regal behavior and would not be caught dead jumping up and down. To me, this is just a fun thing to do, to adopt a slightly different personality that goes better with the clothing. It is just another way of acting. However, according to a great number of people participating in that discussion on the forum, you can not possibly dress in happy looking clothing and bright colors without actually being happy. And if you dress in dark clothing you must, of course, be very very depressed.

So, with all of these "facts" that these highly educated indivuduals have provided me with, please note the irony, I have realized one thing:

I simply must be schizofrenic.


Emma Haapanen said...

I wouldn't say schizophrenic (hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech&behaviour) as much as a rapid cycling bipolar person (quickly fluctating moods), said the ex-psychology student. Or maybe a multiple personality disorder? :D

Sorry. *coughs*

What I do think, is that it is an interesting thing to adopt a different way of behaving depending on what you wear. And it's probably very true that a lot of us do it, to a greater or lesser degree, and more or less consciously: from the small details (red lipstick, high heels, sunglasses, hat) to the major ones (sweatpants, pencil skirt, formal dress).

Leslie Le Vane said...

haha, jag tänkte precis säga det personen innan sa - schizofreni är ju inte riktigt samma sak som DiD, vilket många tror. Men hursomhaver, diskussionen var ju bara fail.

Alice said...

Wow, then I'm a schizo-lolita too :D