Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer nights

Hachi once again came to my rescue when I was at my worst and forced me to go out with her despite of my endless protests. I had not intended to go out today at all. I wanted to stay home, pack and play video games, but she would not allow it. And, now that I am back home from our evening walk, i am very much grateful.

We decided to skip taking the bus or subway and instead walked all the way into town. Even though it was in the evening it was still very hot outside and not even my fan helped to cool us down. However, when we finally arrived in Gamla Stan, we sat down and had us each a piece of cake at my favorite café. Sten Sture's staff were as friendly as ever and we sat there for quite a while. It was not until we heard wonderful music coming from the nearby square that we finally left the café and went to see who was playing.

It turned out to be the Swedish Army's marchingband, or something like that, that had arranged a concert in the middle of Gamla Stan. Guess if I was happy!

We found no benches to sit on but since we still wanted to listen to the music we sat down on the ground. It was suprisingly comfortable too since the paving stones had been warmed by the sun.

The men playing the percussion instruments were particularly talented.

When the concert ended, we packed up our things and left to go take some pictures in a nearby garden that was open to the public.

There is nothing more relaxing than simply throwing yourself on the grass and lying there, looking up at the clouds that are passing you by.

Today turned into an unexpectedly good day. Along with the photoshoot yesterday, this weekend has been very enjoyable so far. Now I am just waiting to get the photos from Dennis :)

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