Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Musee de la Poupee

The nice weather continues, although, it was a bit windy today. Still, as long as I got out into the sun I was warm and happy. This is so much nicer than the half melted snow-goop that covers the streets at home.

I took Yuki to the Doll Museum today. I was hoping to find something about BJDs but that was a bit of a long shot, especially since their current exhibit was about doll houses and miniatures. And, as I had suspected, there was not a single Ball-jointed doll in the entire museum. It was still a very nice place, though. Some of those miniatures were exquisite!
After the museum visit, my father and I went to the doll shop next door and, lo and behold, they had a whole monitor dedicated to BJDs! Most of the clothing they had was made for MSDs unfortunately, but I managed to find a few things for SDs as well.

I bought a pair of gray eyes and a metallic blue-ish tie for Yuki. The eyes are not perfect, since he's really supposed to have brown eyes, but they are better than bright blue eyes that he has right now.

On the way back to the hotel I happened upon this Hello Kitty store quite by accident. I did not even know they had a store such as this in Paris. They had many, many cute things and I made sure to mention to my father that I really, REALLY wanted one of those suitcases!
Oh well, that's all for today. In a bit I'm going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant and I will eat more than I probably should. Paris always seems to make me gain weight for some reason...

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