Thursday, March 4, 2010

I think I'm in love~

... Well maybe not in LOVE, but damn close to it! If only I was older!
I went to my favorite restaurant yesterday, as I said I would, and as always we were greeted by the owner. I knew that they liked me in that place, they usually call me Princess, but I was not quite prepared when that man graciously greeted me with a kiss on the hand. Way to make a girl swoon! Not to mention, he's very good looking... he's sort of what I imagined Severus Snape to look like when I read the Harry Potter books: Pale, with distinguished features and shoulder length black hair. Of course, this man smiles a lot more than Snape would have.

Oh alright, I admit I'm being silly. But a girl is allowed to be silly every once in a while. Especially when she has been swept of her feet by a much older French gentleman.

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