Monday, March 8, 2010

Intellectual Stimuli

God Child manga in French.
I have decided to try to get back to learning french again so I bought these in Paris right before we went to the airport. Oh and the clerk in the store was incredibly cute and very nice to me, helping me find everything I needed, so he deserves to be mentioned here :D

D. Eddings fantasy books.
I was missing these two books, which is odd since I know I have had them all at some point... Wonderful series anyway, both the Belgariad and the Malloreon, and I definitely advise you to read them!

Of course, one can not read without glasses. At least I can't. My eyesight has been deteriorating in the past few years so it was time to finally get some new spectacles. This time I decided that I wanted some slightly more classic frames, preferably in some metallic color, and these were the ones that I picked out. Two pairs for the price of one~
I decided to throw in my new chopsticks in the picture as well, simply because they are so incredibly cute and I felt like showing them off!

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mv2anime said...

Mangáaa. *o* I Love! I Never saw this manga. =\