Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adopt a Kitty!

My neighbour took me to a Cat Shelter in Vaxholm today to visit the cat that she is going to adopt. One of her own cats has died recently and since there are plenty of furries that need homes I was glad that she decided to help at least one of them by offering it a new home.

This is Betty :) She will be moving in with my neighbour Anita next week.

Here's another fellow that was in the same room. I started calling him Thomas O'Malley since he reminded me so much of the Aristocats character.

Here's Betty with her future owner :)

A black kitty that I don't know the name of. Very cute, but also terribly shy.

Betty again~

She's a very pretty cat.

This little girl is called Liten. She's just a kitten and very cuddly once she gets to know you.

This poor fellow had no teeth left and was very shy, but after a while I was allowed to pet him.

After an hour or two at the shelter we decided to see if we could find a nice cafe where we could get some tea and hot chocolate. Vaxholm is an island in Stockholm's archipelago and it is a very beautiful place.
Yes, I'm wearing pants. I do that about once every year :P

The cafe was small and cozy and they had antique skiboots in the window :D
All in all it was a very nice day.
If you live in Stockholm, or somewhere close by, and are thinking of getting a cat please visit this website: There are a lot of sweet little kitties that need new homes :)

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