Saturday, October 2, 2010

Viola Lahger Teaparty!

And here we are! The pictures from the very first Viola Lahger Teaparty!
I had such a wonderful time that day... there aren't words to describe it... I love each and every person I met at that teaparty and together we had a lovely evening!

The table~ All set with beautiful porcelaine and laiden with cookies!

Each of the guests was given one of these cards with a very special gift on the back in the form of a 10% discount on anything from the store!

My businesscards had finally arrived and they have now taken their place among the others on the counter!

And of course my hats as well have found their places in the store.

Lovely corsets and even more lovely jewelry~

These books were absolutely lovely and provided much entertainment for myself and Tea before the teaparty started!

People eventually started to drop in and after at least a couple of hours of drinking tea and eating cookies we abandoned the table for other activities such as... trying lovely, lovely corsets!

Wonderful people~

This lovely lady bought one of my hats! It looked so good on her and I am so proud of it!

That corset was absolutely GORGEOUS! And it was sooo comfortable too!

Oh, and No, I didn't go to the teaparty in my underwear. I wore my Green and White striped Victorian dress.... But after a couple of hours clothing started flying off in every direction and uhm... Yes..

Some of the pictures were shamelessly stolen from other people but pff who cares, right?

Next party is scheduled for October 24th and it will have a Halloween theme! Do YOU want to be there and join the fun? Go go email Tea and see if there are seats left!


Alice In Fashionland said...

Wow, that looks amazing!

Emmiline said...

Oh it looks lovely <3
I hope it will be as fun next time when i'm there too!