Monday, October 25, 2010

The Day After~

Yesterday afternoon I went, after some hesitation, to the Halloween themed teaparty at Viola Lahger. I had decided earlier that day not to go... but eventually I changed my mind. And I'm happy that I did. I had a lovely time. More on the teaparty, as well as pictures, will come later~

Anyway, like last time, Tea and I waited until the next day to do the cleaning up. So todayaround 2pm I was dressed and ready to drop by in the store.

We ate some of the left-over cupcakes~
This is one of the ones I made. Raspberry and Vanilla cupcakes with light purple Vanilla frosting! And tiny sugarpaste pumpkins and larvae of course! All made by me, naturally~

We were a bit hungry so we decided to go and get some Thai-food. It was delicious! Here served on the floor with Cherry tea~

Munch munch munch~

Oh and I had a package to pick up at the post office today! So after lunch I ran to get it~ it contained my new Mode Girl Jumperskirt from Angelic Pretty with matching socks and headband as well as another pair of socks, shoeclips and a necklace.
It is absolutely perfect!

I had another wonderful day with equally wonderful company! But... now I am exhausted and I have a migraine so I think I'll just go lay down drink my tea~

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