Monday, October 18, 2010

More updates~

Hm... update~

Well the last week has been really nice. I've been going out a lot, meeting people and doing fun things. Like, for example....

Yesterday I went to the yearly Chocolate Festival at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm. We all know how much I love chocolate so I was pretty much in heaven~ However, despite there being so many different Chocolatiers there they all had the same flavors on their little candies... Quite boring, in my opinion. I would have thought there would be more kinds to choose from. Hm... Oh well, it was a lovely day nonetheless. Especially since I went out to dinner with my family later that evening. 'Twas my dear mother's birthday, you see~

Hm... What else...

I'm completely stressed out over Halloween! I want, quite desperatly, to have an awesome outfit for next weekend's Teaparty at Viola Lahger but... I can't think of what to wear! I don't even know what I want to be! Of course, I still have my Corpse Bride outfit from last year laying around... but it's boring to wear the same thing two years in a row... So I'll only wear that if I absolutely have to.

Speaking of that teaparty... I am going to try to get another couple of hats finished before then. I really need to get started on my hatmaking again anyway, and the teaparty seems like the perfect deadline. Or something... I was thinking of making several more Pirate Styled hats and perhaps even experiment with another couple of wonky shapes... We'll see. Hopefully I'll have the time and motivation to do everything I want.

There ought to be something else to tell you as well.... Oh yes! I got my paycheck last week and I will be going to the bank today to put all of the money in my account! So that means I'm not broke anymore! Aaaand.... that also means that I can finally buy the Angelic Pretty dress that I have been drooling over for the last couple of weeks. If you're curious I can tell you that it's a JSK from the series Mode Girl.
Actually, I have wanted that dress for a loong time and recently it came up for sale on the Swedish Lolita Forum. It is probably the only AP dress that I ever really wanted. Of course, I love their Chandelier dress as well, but this one just... I have to have it. It has an Eiffel Tower on it!
... Yes, I'm obsessed with Paris.... So what?

Right... I think that is all for now~

I have to run to the bank anyway so I don't have the time to write anything else.


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Laserkatt said...

Yay, uppdatering! Din blogg är så underbar, älskar den <3