Monday, August 17, 2009

It is official...

I am suffering from depression. Or at least that is what the doctor said when I went to see her about my sleeping problems today. She had me talk about my life for almost an hour only to come to the conclusion that maybe she should perscribe from Antidepressive medication and some sleeping pills. Then she said: "Some people take these pills during the day (the sleeping pills) to supress an anxiety attack, but I guess you do not want to do that since it will make you even more sleepy than you already are..." Great job at stating the obvious there, doctor!

And yes, I am slightly bitter... And very tired. So none of this is making much sense to you, I'm sure. Maybe I should just go back to sleep now.... Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Oh. I hope you will get better soon.
It really made me happy, when I checked up to you blog (I been watching you from a while), and saw that you made some update in the last few week. :) So, I really hope, that you will get better and write some more happy and nice post, because I love to read it ^^

Thank you for your blog & pictures and greetings from Hungary