Sunday, August 16, 2009


Mia and I did some baking yesterday. It was a lot of fun even though we ended up making a lot more things than we had planned :)

Our cupcakes turned out the best I think. Mia taught me how to make this really sweet fluffy frosting so now I can bombard my friends with pretty cupcakes.

I tried to make a star pattern, but it did not go so well...

These cookes, although not as pretty as the cupcakes, were really tasty~

This pie was made out of the huckleberries that Mia's father had picked that very same day~
Due to the fact that we made far too much frosting to go with the cupcakes, Mia and I decided we'd try to make another kind of cake that we could fill with the leftover frosting as well as raspberry jam... Unfortunately, it was getting late and we were getting tired so instead of following the recipe like we should have, we just make the cake the way we THOUGHT was the right one. Of course we failed quite miserably. The cake turned out to be the ugliest thing I had ever baked.
Since we had used both the frosting and the jam to fill it, the cake turned out to be really mushy and a pinkish goo kept on running out the sides of it. Not to mention it had the consistency of something spongy. Luckily, it tasted really good, so if we had actually bothered to follow the instructions it probably would have turned out great. However, considering the way it looked, we decided to make it into an entirely new cake which we call:
~The Frozen Almost-Striped Spongebob Cake from Hell~

Anyway, despite the epic failiure of the Spongebob cake, the evening was wonderful and we had a lot of fun so I look forward to doing it again :)

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