Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Paris, here I come!

I got out of bed at four in the morning; can you believe that? :O

Kim sat in Emiru's knee the entire flight while my poor Yuki was still packed in his Carrier Bag, lying on the floor of the cabin.
Anyway, when we finally arrived in Paris and had checked in at our hotels and everything, Emiru and I went to Versailles with these nice people below.

I do not remember any names but they made such a cute couple!

Our lovely translator, Misa (?)


And for the record... that outfit was slowly killing me! It was 30+ degrees in the shade and I was smart enough to wear one of my hottest dresses. With a bonnet too. >.>

Day two was dedicated to shopping! I had saved up my money for months and now was the time to spend it. Even though I went to both Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Harajuku, I ended up only buying things from Baby since they had a lot of things there that I was been looking at for ages on their website.

As always, the clerk was incredibly nice and he even went to fetch me something to drink when I was starting to get affected by the unforgiving summer heat. To thank him, or possibly just to make myself feel better, I bought things for over 400 euros!
The largest Baby bag I have ever gotten while shopping here in Paris!

I really needed a new pair of shoes, so these ones were the perfect choice!

And I do not care if people call this too shiny. I love this dress anyway!

I got a whole new AatP bag just to carry Yuki in. :) I think the gentleman working in the shop might have noticed how tired (and WARM!) I was.

Have I ever told you how much I love Paris? :D

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