Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Evening

I took a long evening walk yesterday. Paris at night is really very lovely with all the different lights directed at the buildings. It is so beautiful.

I have always wanted to go on this ferris wheel and I have decided to go back there one evening before we leave. I simply have to ride it at night before I go home!

I want to ride this Merry-go-Round as well.

The fairground was just as beautiful as most of the more classic buildings when it was lit up with all the different colored lights.
Today was my first day at Japan expo. I can not say I am very impressed. It is about just as boring as all the other conventions I have been to. The only good thing would be the great Burando booths... But they did not really have anything I wanted.
Chantilly was by far my favorite booth.

The Angelic Pretty booth was.... Pink.
And am I the only one who think they look utterly ridiculous like that? Still, it is better than a lot of sweet girls I have seen. At least they have got the coordinations, the hair and the poofy skirts right. An AP dress is never right without a poofy petticoat.

And I will end this entry with Darth Vader. Sir Darth Vader. Sir Darth Lord Vader. Sir Lord Darth Vader. Or let us just call him Jeff.
Either way it was one of the best cosplays I have ever seen<3
Tomorrow i am going back to the expo in my huge Aristocrat dress to meet Michael and to see the Laforet Fashion show. Hopefully it will be more fun than today.

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