Sunday, February 8, 2009

Be my Valentine

My birthday is tomorrow and Valentine's day is five days after that and yet I don't look forward to either one. Each year I make a vow to myself to make both of these days eventful but so far I have failed miserably.

My birthdays are usually spent like any other day, except for the opening of gifts, and I constantly find myself dissappointed by the fact that no one I know took the time to plan something or at least take me out somewhere. And after eighteen years of the same thing over and over again, can you blame me for giving up hope? I don't expect anything out of my birthdays anymore, not even gifts. My parents buy me enough things on the other days of the year so I really do not need another heap of presents just because I happened to be born on this day.

It's a little different with Valentine's day though. My hope has diminished but it's not completely gone yet. Still, I do not expect much on February 14th this year either. It's rather sad actually... Is it really to much for a girl to ask for someone take her out on a romantic date once a year? It does not even have to be really special... I just don't want to spend the entire day at home again...

So, will you please make me a very happy girl and be my Valentine?

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