Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sous l'Empire des Crinolines

We went to an exhibition at Musée Galliera today that was all about 19th century crinoline petticoats. There were frills and lace a-plenty and I got a lot of inpiration from the various dresses, parasols, bonnets and corsets that were on display. I was this close to actually drooling over a particular dress made out of Gold Brocade.
After the museum visit, we walked for what seemed like hours and tried to find somewhere to eat lunch. Naturally, we did not find a single restaurant that suited us so we ended up taking the Metro to Bastille, eight stations away, and went to a place there that we visited last fall. I was near starving at that point and my hands were shaking like crazy, but at least the food was good.
Once our stomachs were full with delicious french cuisine, I dragged my father to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and walked away and hour or so later with a big pink bag in my hand. When we were planning this trip I had actually decided to decline whatever things my father wanted to purchase for me, but as soon as I stepped in to that small shop I lost all sense of propriety. There were simply too many pretty things in there!
The last stop for the day was a small, and very cute, store close to our hotel called "Nihon Import" I think... Either way, they sell a lot of cute things, including clothes, candy and CDs, and the woman working there is really adorable! The last time I went there I noticed that they had !Giant Pocky so I simply had to go back there today to get some more.
All in all it had been a good day. Right now we are back at the hotel getting some rest before we go out to dinner.

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